Volvo 70T Excavator loading Hitachi Dump Truck

Client: CST Mining

Project Cost: $3,000,000.00

Overview: The Markwell Group are building seven leach pads for CST Mining at Lady Annie mine.  Each leach pad is approx 365metres in length and 85metres in width.  The total material moved on this project is 450,000 tonne.  Not only is The Markwell Group transporting the material, Markwells are also spreading watering and compacting the material in 300mm layers within 2% OMC.  The Markwell Group are also finishing an rolling the floor in preperation for HDPE lining.  Some of the material is being taken from where a new process pond will be, Markwells are using their Leica satelite system on excavator and grader which speeds up production and saves CST costs by not having to hire a surveyor full time.  The Markwell Group have 15 machines on site consisting of New 70T Volvo excavator, dump trucks, water trucks, compactors, dozers and a roller.