Recycled & Salvage Products

Recycled & Salvage Products

Building Material Recycling

Markwell Building Recycling has been established to maximize re-use and recycling of buildings and demolition materials from demolition projects carried out by our associated divisions Markwell Demolitions and Asbestos Removals. In the demolition process, many products are recyclable in the state in which they are removed, and can be readily re-used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Our two building material recycling outlets, Bargain Building Materials and North Queensland Demolition Recycling, are set up to encourage customers to browse and select their own purchases, helping keep prices low and allowing the purchase of quality materials at realistic prices. The range of products available through Markwell Building Recycling includes timber of various sizes, roofing iron, steel trusses, gas stoves, hot water systems, doors, and smaller items such as baths, sinks, taps, electrical fittings, hooks door handles and many more. We are also stockists of many new items, including nuts and bolts, hinges, screws timber fixtures and fittings.

Concrete Recycling

The concrete recycling process begins with our specialised demolition excavators, fitted with pulverisers, reducing concrete and other heavy constructions materials to a state that can be handled by our mobile crusher/ recyclers. These specialised machines are unique to North Queensland and are capable of converting old concrete to a salable product for use as fill, road base and other aggregate-replacement applications. Concrete can be crushed to between 40mm and 1200mm in diameter, at rates of up to 100 tonnes per hour. As these machines are highly mobile, concrete recycling can take place on your site or at our own recycling yard in Townsville.

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